Utah Fall Season

Utah Fall Season

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Strolling through my landscape archives

As the Winter season is ‘upon’ us I was craving to see Spring again.  I always seem to get the blues during this time of year in Utah.  Some refer to this as SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  That is me for this day.  I long to be outdoors with the 80 degree temps and clicking away.  From landscapes, still life, pets, macro’s and outdoor portraits.  I am confident that these photo’s will lift my mood. 🙂

Thanks for strolling ! 🙂

Starting the new year

My goal or new years resolutions are fueled for my love of photography.  I’ve been an avid photographer for 6 years plus and counting.  What do I want to accomplish for 2012?  Well, as we speak my husband is SLOWLY fixing our basement painting/laying wood flooring and giving the existing furniture away for my new photography studio.  I am chomping at the bit for him to work a little faster.  Never the less when it is finished I will be one happy camper.  I already own 2 1600 alien bees, two large body reflectors, light stands, ring light and I will order soft boxes and a beauty dish when time gets closer to the finished product.  Oh, how excited I will be when I can finally have a decent indoor studio. :-))  That is my main goal for 2012.  Learning the lighting aspect of it is another whole ball of wax!!


Sample of my work. Capital Reef National Park, Utah